10 Jan 2010

Andy will be taking part in The Dutch Open at Veldhoven (4-7 February 2010).

04 Jan 2010

Another 10 videos added to the Watch Videos Page.

03 Jan 2010

Andy featured in today's Sunday Star.

16 Oct 2009

New reviews posted to the Book Page.

29 Aug 2009

Andy Fordham and Rico Dera win the HEMECO OPEN Rosmalen doubles.


Andy Fordham... to the Official Website of Andy Fordham. Known as "The Viking" Andy is one of the best loved players to ever step up to the oche.

Winner of the 2004 BDO World Professional Championship, 1999 winner of the Winmau World Masters and twice winner of the British Pentathlon.

Health problems caused Andy to drop out of the world of darts for a year or so, but now he's back and beginning to recover his old form.


Andy will be taking part in the Dutch Open at Veldhoven (4th to 7th January), where he will also be promoting his new book.

Andy's new book

Andy's new book will be released on the 28th September 2009 by Pennant Books.
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3rd January 2010
By Dominik Lemanski

DARTS legend Andy Fordham plans to hit a double this year – by getting on his bike for charity and celebrating his new slimmer form.

The former world champion slimmed down from a whopping 30st after doctors warned him his hard-drinking ways would kill him.

They told him he would also need a liver transplant in order to survive.

But after ditching the booze and shedding nine stone, Andy has learned he may not need the op.

“It’s amazing, really. After I stopped drinking I was told my liver would last between three to five years.

“Now the doctors tell me there is a chance I might not even need a transplant.”

After turning his life around, Andy has written his ­autobiography, Andy Fordham – The Viking.

At the book’s launch he told us: “My whole lifestyle has ­completely changed. I have not had a drink since January 8, 2007.

“These days I drink coffee or Coke and sometimes a ­non-alcoholic lager when I am in a social setting.

“I used to be too lazy to go anywhere and I was ­embarrassed to go places where I would have to ask people to move to let me sit down.

“I knew there was a problem when I was on Celebrity Fit Club in 2005 when I could not even walk around the football pitch.

“I only went on because my wife Jenny forced me to but I’m so glad she did.” Now he plans to cycle across Europe to raise £30,000 for sufferers of Glycogen Storage Disease – a condition affecting the body’s ability to turn glucose into energy.

“My friend Luca’s daughter suffers from the condition and we hope the money raised will fund research into the disease,” he said.

“It’s a great cause but I also hope to lose some weight while I’m out there.

“At one stage I lost 14st but that was too much. Now I’m 21st. I think I need to slim down to 18st.

“I will not be doing the whole 1,380 miles, though. I intend to do about 300-400 miles – ­preferably the downhill stretches of the Alps!”

Andy is also hoping to get back on top of his darts game. “I’ve had to learn to play without alcohol,” he said. “Now I just hope I can go full circle and become world champion again.

“That would be amazing.”

Andy Fordham – The Viking is on sale now.